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Sports Pencil Holder

Sports Pencil Holder
Difficulty: Easy
Age: 4 and up

Give an athlete or sports fan a surprise with this sports pencil holder. We've used golf as the example, but it's easy to substitute decorations from any sport.

What you'll need:
Empty juice can (plastic or cardboard)
Piece of green construction paper 4 1/2 inches wide and 9 inches long
Markers in blue, green, red, white, or any other colors desired
Double stick tape

How to make it:
Wrap the green construction paper around the juice can and attach using the double stick tape. Make sure you stick down the edges that meet really well.

Using markers, draw a golf course on the green construction paper. Include holes, flags, small ponds, bushes, etc. You can even draw a picture of your Dad on the course if you want to.

Give to Dad and let him enjoy!


You can also use a frosting can if you don't have a juice can. You will have to measure and cut the green construction paper to a different size.


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