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All-Star Dad Box

All-Star Dad Box
Honor Dad with a gift handcrafted especially for him.

What You Need:
Paintbrush; satin varnish
Black fine-tip permanent marking pen
Selected photograph
Mat board (optional)
Crafts glue
4-3/4 x 4-3/4-inch papier-mache box with photo insert opening
Five 1-5/8-inch-diameter wood stars
Nine 1-1/4-inch-diameter wood stars
Ten 7/8-inch-diameter wood stars
Acrylic paints: bright gold, black, gold, yellow, and light yellow
3 x 3-inch piece of white card stock

1. If boxes with photo insert openings are not available, use a box with a plain lid; glue photo to top of lid and decorations around edges of photo.
2. If your photo is smaller than the lid frame opening, cut a piece of mat board to fit inside lid frame. In the center of mat board, cut an opening to accommodate your photo.
3. Remove lid inset; set aside. Paint all surface of lid frame black. Paint all surfaces of box base bright gold. Divide the stars into four groups of six assorted sizes each. Use black, gold, yellow, and light yellow to paint each group of stars a different color. Let dry.
4. Arrange 20 stars on lid frame; glue in place and let dry. Apply a coat of varnish to all outside surfaces of the decorated lid and to the four remaining stars.
5. Use fine-tip marking pen to letter All-Star Dad! on the card stock. Glue card stock to inside bottom of box; glue remaining stars on card. Insert photo in lid frame; replace backing.


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